Korean + Math

The two most popular terms in class are 어려워요 (it’s difficult) and 힘들이워요 (again, it’s difficult). I don’t know the difference between “difficult 1” and “difficult 2”.
A close third is 머리아파 (my head hurts).

We’re consuming at a fire hydrant’s pace.
Today, the lesson was money. OHMYGOD. Difficult. Why are we doing math?!

In Korea your basic units are 10, 100 and 1,000 and 10,000. There are words for each of these. Beyond that, numbers are a combination of these words, til you get to like fafillion.

I.e., 40,000 is four ten thousands.
One hundred thousand is ten ten thousands.
One million is one hundred ten thousands.

Gah. Difficult.
So many words.

Naha is a huge help. Tomorrow, we’ll put post-its all over the house with Korean words.
When Steve comes this weekend, I’ll put a post-it on his forehead for “bf”.

Whether I’m retaining any Korean..eh. Jake is learning English though. Yesterday I taught him “computer” and tonight he remembered. His pronunciation of “computer” is excellent.
Two is the age to start learning language, not 37.

here's the pill

(Happy birthday, Eddie.)

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