Eggs and ketchup

Three out of four breakfasts during the week, I have rice and kimchi.
The other two mornings, it’s eggs with cabbage and ketchup on white bread or eggs with cabbage and ketchup on a plate with rice and kimchi. Your mouth waters, yes?

Seriously, I don’t know if I’m going to stay in this family’s homestay.
I’ll make a choice tomorrow. The family is kind, but there are cheaper places…

So the routine is get up at 7:30, shower, have said gourmet breakfast and walk 10 minutes to Sogang. Four hours of Korean (no English!) and head to the cafeteria for lunch.
Here’s what ~$1.60 will get you:

chapchae, tofu, fish cake, kimchi, rice and soup

Eating in the caf is part of the adventure. Let’s see what 1,800W will buy today.

I like it. Part of the experience. I am not tired of eating kimchi, though rice at every meal may be too much. I’m breaking out like a 15-year-old schoolboy. Maybe the high glycemic index?

So, eat lunch, find a reading room, study vocabulary, go to the gym.

Today, I played racquetball in the basement of the gym next to our class building.
Everything, everything is an adventure, when you don’t know the language.

  • How to check out racquets?
  • How to turn on the lights in the racquetball room?
  • Oh, this is the men’s changing room? I thought it said faculty.

After gym, walk home, chat with Naha, terrorize two-year-old, study some more.

Homestay family
My family is a young couple, 33, with a 6-month-old and a 30-month-old. Jake, the older, runs around saying “ahn-nee, ahn-nee”—no, no. Steve informs me “no” is popular with the two-year-olds.

Naha is a stay-at-home. Junwoo, her husband, is a former musician, who sells music equipment now and manages a band for fun.

This homestay is ~$420/month and includes (yummy) breakfast and an electric blanket.

The two-year-old, Jake, is at once scared and fascinated with me. If I don’t put him on the spot and look him in the eyes, he’ll let me hug him and rub his head. Yesterday, he followed me around the apartment and wanted to stay in my room. At the same time, I can also torture the rugrat with, “Jake, come give me a kiss…hey Jake, give me a hug.” That sends him into a screaming frenzy. What a wonderful age.

I’ll post some about class this weekend and the students in class.
For now, I’ll say Sogang has a fantastic Korean program.
I’m grateful to be here.

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