Korean + Math

The two most popular terms in class are 어려워요 (it’s difficult) and 힘들이워요 (again, it’s difficult). I don't know the difference between “difficult 1” and “difficult 2”. A close third is 머리아파 (my head hurts). We’re consuming at a fire hydrant’s pace. Today, the lesson was money. OHMYGOD. Difficult. Why are we doing math?! In … Continue reading Korean + Math


We’re supposed to get -6C weather tomorrow. Yay. I can’t complain. The weather’s been decent enough to run and go for a hike. On Sunday, I ran around Yonsei University, which is up the street from my homestay. The hood I’m in is called Sinchon (not to be mistaken for Sincheon) and it’s equidistant from … Continue reading Ansan


The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is aka North Korea (?!). I almost bought traveler's insurance for the wrong country. Goodbye BlueCross BlueShield. Hello AAA Patriot Medical.