4 thoughts on “Japanese snacks

  1. Tri23 says:

    Always interesting how snackage tastes differ between cultures. Japanese snacks imo were always more bitter where American snacks are often sweeter. If it can be covered in chocolate, guaranteed it’s been done at least once in the products iteration. Anything that hasn’t gets deep fried. 😛

    What did you end up trying? Oooh! I should have asked for you to take a snapshot of the vending machines.

    Ooh, and what are the airports like over there?

    • susanrene says:

      hey Tri, @narita airport, toilet buttons include bidet, splash (i think that’s rear splash), warmer and music..to drown out noises?
      hotel crapper is a scaled-down version, no bun warmer.
      wish you were here.

      • Tri23 says:

        Everybody has a day they wish their toilets would play German Industrial punk rock.

        Did you meet or chat with anybody interesting on your flight? Kinda wondering how your first day has gone, or well.. I suppose is going right now.

        How is your Korean as of day1? Did you ever get the 3-prong converter?

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