hopscotch music fest

in progress, subject to on-the-spot changes.

thursday night

  • steve gunn (americana, nah)
  • last year’s men
  • man will destroy himself (bring earplugs)
  • 12,000 armies (drughorse)
  •  jack the radio (southern rock)
  • super vacations (surf)
  • yair yona (acoustic experimental)
  • dinosaur feathers (poppy)
  • bustello
  • oulipo (experimental)
  • cassis orange (breathy, urgent girls from carrboro)
  • prurient (no)
  • spiderbags (twang)
  • tender fruit* (girlie americana)
  • pc worship (experimental)
  • le weekend (60s garage sans melody)
  • LL*
  • black lips (surfer punk, fun)
  • j mascis (slit my wrists)
  • cold cave (electronic)
  • ford & lopatin (electronic r&b)
  • william tyler (folk, might be too late for folk)
  • lonnie walker (don’t love)
  • empress hotel* (poppy)
  • mandolin orange (love but local and late for folk)
friday night
  • carlitta durand (dunno if i’ll be in hip hop mood)
  • julianna barwick (atmospheric)
  • soft company (missy thangs’ group, wanna like but don’t like)
  • generationals* (piano pop)

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