the manly laundry list 2.0

A running list updated for 2011 in no particular order…

  1. aspergers smart–deep and broad!
  2. confident and comfortable in his own skin
  3. non-judgmental–has opinions and can let others have theirs
  4. reads the news
  5. honest, ethical in life and at work
  6. ambitious–wants to be challenged at work. stretches his mind and his skills
  7. continuous learner, eager to learn
  8. shows me new experiences, new places, new views
  9. well-traveled
  10. thoughtful, considerate–shows love by doing, without always being asked
  11. excellent communicator–thoughts, feelings
  12. complimentary
  13. giving heart
  14. cuddler and a kisser
  15. physically attractive
  16. loves kids, likes people
  17. physically fit and active
  18. will try new activities. not afraid of being embarrassed
  19. modest
  20. traditionally manly. uses power tools as needed. protective of family and home
  21. charitable–gives time and money
  22. funny!
  23. geeky
  24. good with money
  25. appreciative and grateful

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