Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

i’m co-opting Steve’s reading of Guerrilla Marketing 3.0
herein follows some not-necessarily-useful-to-the-universe, personal posterity posts

things i do well

  • convey passion–articulate mission, recruit people to support mission. tell our story.
  • listen–for the need, for what the client finds important personally and business wise
  • create vision–set high expectations for the most wildly successful version of outcomes
  • lead a team–strategic planning, setting short and long-term org and individual goals
  • coach–work with interns, staff to reach their highest potential within the org or without
  • work ethically and honestly. model high work ethic.
  • learn–gaining knowledge and skills relevant to my work
  • engage clients–create, maintain strong relationships.
  • connect people–or developing business. creating partnerships, identifying opportunities. bringing people together to create mutually beneficial programs
  • organize information–input quality info to database for querying, capture meeting notes for org posterity
  • turn strategy into execution–or ideas into action, who does what by when, overseeing the process
  • wave the flag–or public relations. identifying opportunities for success stories, creating those stories, marketing them in multiple media, to multiple audiences
  • communicate
    • verbally articulating mission–telling a story
    • written communication–long to short form. giving information directly a la strunk & white
  • build consensus within teams and with management
  • conduct usability sessions
  • move multiple projects forward
  • work in a start-up–i excel in a nimble, client-focused environment
things i love or want to do
  • coach
  • work with clients
  • create success stories
  • learn new communication and marketing tools
  • work with people from different cultures
  • travel

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