beatles bingeing. ordered $52.87 worth of discography on amazon tangent last week. whah. broke listening in chronological order rule (racket). now, no context for when these albums came out, lol. hard day's night, good. i like the poppy stuff. dunno why young and old boys alike deride pre-drug beatles. revolver overrated? don't totally get. white … Continue reading beatles

ESOL up again

hella week! holla! or as gates county ann likes to say "holl-errrr." three days of durham lit center ESOL class training this week. fun fun. only two other people in class from en-cee. interesting folks, wide range and plenty of people who've taught overseas. love regina and daniel who lead training. learned there is a … Continue reading ESOL up again

moving on up

to the east side... julian realtor and tula husband came over today for STD-TSH (shit-to-do-to-sell-house). meeting went well. info even better. not a lot of STD-TSH to do. have an apartment, ahem, duplex secured too. checked out two places on arnette ave for due diligence. classic space vs. locale question. settled on locale. single gal … Continue reading moving on up

separation terms

talking separation terms with my husband..s'all come down to business now. stopping to think about it makes my heart hurt. so i don't. besides, plenty of STGD BS (shit-to-get-done-before-sanford). i saw my first shooting star this weekend @ emerald isle (smile).