soldier of love

is sade’s new album. super duper so far. soldier of love is a head bobber.

this was a wonderful weekend with fouzia, funke and fred. korean food with the girls and goats with tri. my korean food came out less tasty than i would have liked, especially for a moroccan girl having korean food for the first time. but what are you going to do?

i like this fouzia so much. she is the first muslim person i’ve known, and radiates peace and contentment. i wonder how much is her faith in allah and how much is her individual spirit, or can you separate the two?  she is like sunshine.

fouz and her husband have lived all over the world, and he’s taught english everywhere (everywhere? everywhere). my college friend jason fb’d me. he’s married a woman who spent two years in korea teaching english. phillip from korean language meetup emailed back about his experiences teaching korean at a hagwan for two years. i’m getting a message here (what could it be?)…

i need to get some sleep. 7 hrs/night not cutting it. tomorrow, i take the bus! catching that 8:00 ride will put me back on a decent schedule.

so there are a lot of things i still don’t know for my life–
do i want to stay married, do i want to date, what do i want to do with my life, why is sex all i can think about these days, am i too old to have children, blah blah)? these are things i do know–i don’t want to be with someone fake, i want to move to korea next year if not sooner, i want to take an academic class, i want to spend time with my friends, make new friends and be a good friend. and i want to run a 7:30 minute mile.

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